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Hydra IV
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Impudence? Hydra listened to Scar, who had begun lecturing him about his impudence and how all the Sentinels were equal. To be honest, Hydra had expected such a reaction, but decided to push aside the urge to kill Scar for his disrespect towards the prince. He would be working with these Pokemon, after all. He'd have to take things slowly, since killing Scar or any of the Sentinels would automatically be breaking the contract between the Silver Tribe and the Hydreigonists. So, Hydra simply listened on to Scar. Hydra didn't blame Scar or any of the other Sentinels for being so ignorant, however, as they had not even seen what he could do yet. At the mention of the Gold Tribe, though, Hydra's grin turned into an enraged look. "Wretched vermin!" he spat, his mechanical arm accidentally releasing a small flame. He hadn't tasted Gold Tribe blood in years, and was eager to once again kill such a skilled Pokemon in the heat of battle. Finally, he replied, chuckling. "Alright then. I'll forgive your impudence as well, Scar. The blood of the Gold Tribe shall rain down upon us!" he said poetically. "On a side note, I believe a hierarchical ranking system is in order here, but let's leave that for a later date," he chuckled.

He could smell the Gold Tribe from here. It was the unmistakable smell of doomed souls. Hydra the fourth was the first to enter the tunnels, pushing past Scar and Genevieve in order to enter. Hydra couldn't see who was behind him during the trip in the tunnels, nor did he look back to find out. Ahead of him was the door to the Madman's lair. "Can't believe it was that simple," he said mockingly. He listened as Scar stated the obvious. "Well, in that case, let's be done with it!" Hydra said hungrily, using his mechanical head to launch the door off its hinges. He quickly readied DragonBreath attacks on all three of his heads to kill whatever might be waiting.