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Originally Posted by DrFuji View Post
  • Making ballots secret yes
  • Enforcing a post number/ membership length requirement to newer voters yes
  • Preventing voters from voting for the same hack more than a certain number of times on a single ballot (over multiple categories) no. Because sometimes a hack really does the have best mapping and scripting or whatever.
  • Preventing team members (not just the owner) from voting for a hack yes
  • Having a weighted score distribution of some kind yes
  • Making it so only hacks that have a public beta can be voted for yes
  • Having a dozen or so pre-selected hacks up for category nomination in the first round rather than every hack on the forum being eligible yes
  • Adding a nomination round where people nominate hacks which are then check up against qualification criteria before moving to a public voting round yes
  • Allowing Sideshow Showcase hacks to be eligible in certain categories (e.g Graphics and Gameplay) yes
  • Removing the public vote entirely and leaving it up to just a handful of veterans! no, that ruins the whole point of the contest I think. The public vote might suck (in fact it always sucks) but I like that everyone gets a say. HotY should reflect what the average people like, even if anyone with half a brain knows it's terrible.