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I agree with Golurk, in that I think they should have ended the prison arc last episode. While I haven't read the comics, I know now the show has almost completely abandoned the comics and that the show is pretty much making it up as they go, not basing much on the comics anymore, which is good. However, I feel that Andrea should not have died because of how important of a character she was. I know that she was frustrating at times and was probably the dumbest character on the show, but when you think about it she is going to be hard to replace. (Karen might replace her idk)

As for Tyreese, Beth, and Sasha being main cast now, that really gives the show more hope, imo. I feel like Tyreese was a wasted character all season, and now they can expand his role more hopefully making him the Tyreese that everyone raves about from the comics.