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Originally Posted by yourmettychoglas View Post
Can anybody please tell me where to find the last page (not the 1 in the locked house, not the 1 next to the karate guy where you surf or the 1 inside the moo moo farm area)? thankyou
You've got to defeat Neal in Grand Tower.
Of course, you'd still be missing pages even after doing so because all of them are not included in beta 3.

Originally Posted by Corp View Post
Misky91, I do enjoy your hacks (playing Ultimate End right now)
But, can you link me all of your hacks? It's hard to find them because there isn't a list of them or anything on your profile. Or, can you tell me how to find them? People say you have way more hacks, and I've honestly only played Ultimate End.
Well, the reason why I don't have them linked to my profile these days is because, I don't want people to confuse this hack (Dark Energy) with any of those. That's because... most people find them bad. And, I actually think exactly the same way! They're just edits of the original game, unlike this one.

So yeah, I don't want others to think this hack is bad, just because my earlier hacks are. I'm a programmer these days, not just a tool-user.
But sure, if you feel like playing my earlier hacks, you can find them in Zophar's Domain.
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