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Thank you for the input, Matsjo. Unfortunately I don't have an update because I've been trying to figure out what I want to do with the tiles. I've always loved the FR/LG tiles and they are astounding, and to add on to that they have inside tiles to match. The Kyledove DP/Pt tiles are beautiful as well, and at the same time have side-ways and backward stairs for mountains which are important! The downside is there are no inside tiles, or gym tiles that immediately match with them. So, to break it down:

FR/LG tiles:
-Good looking tiles
-Inside set to match
-No side-ways/backwards stairs for mountains

Kyledove Tiles:
-Good looking tiles
-Custom tiles
-Side-ways/backwards stairs for mountains
-No inside tiles to match
-Lots of people use this set because it's free to the public

I need some input, guys! Basically I would immediately go for FR/LG tiles but the problem is the stairs. If someone can sprite them/find them in FR/LG style and even resize it to fit on to the default Pokemon Essentials FR/LG tileset, that would be super helpful!

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