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Fred followed suit since the violence was heading in that direction. He especially didn't care at all about this arrogant dragon who thought he was all that because of his clan. Fred was an Ambipom, a species of Pokemon everyone had heard of, but nobody cared of. He was a monkey with two tails with giant hands. Impressive, but not nearly as much as a Tiger that could see through walls or a fire breathing dragon that seemed to have been around since before anyone had even heard of dragons. But in Fred's mind, a three headed Dragon was just as pointless compared to the rest of his clan as he was compared to Snorlax. So this guy would have to do a lot more impressive things for him to consider him a worthy enemy to consider fighting.

When the dragon tore off the door, Fred put up a guard with his fists, ready to take out anything that came out since he didn't have any attacks with enough range.