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    I will be doing this challenge:

    Name: GameMaster0015(New Youtube Channel where I record LPs and Walkthroughs)
    Pokemon: Torchic/Combusken/Blaziken (Most Favorite Pokemon <3)
    Single or Ultimate: Ultimate
    -Kanto: Firered
    -Johto: Heartgold
    -Hoen: Emerald
    -Sinnoh: Platinum
    -Unova: White

    Every game, but Firered will be played on the actual systems not an emulator (I have Action Replay to hack the Torchic in :D) but Firered will have to be on an emulator, because I do not own a Gameshark I will be posting updates on this challenge Daily starting tonite at probably around 8:00 P.M (Central Standard Time) and I will begin with Heartgold shortly :D