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Originally Posted by Hacker Bisharp View Post
Okay, this tool is simply amazing.
One question, this tool support pokèmon rom from other languages?
in the readme:

Version 1.2.0 supports the following official ROMs:

* Pokemon Red (any)
* Pokemon Blue (any)
* Pokemon Green (J)
* Pokemon Yellow (any)
* Pokemon Gold (any except Korean)
* Pokemon Silver (any except Korean)
* Pokemon Crystal (any)
* Pokemon Ruby (any)
* Pokemon Sapphire (any)
* Pokemon Emerald (any)
* Pokemon FireRed (any)
* Pokemon LeafGreen (any)
* Pokemon Diamond (any)
* Pokemon Pearl (any)
* Pokemon Platinum (any)
* Pokemon HeartGold (any)
* Pokemon SoulSilver (any)
* Pokemon Black (any)
* Pokemon White (any)
* Pokemon Black2 (any)
* Pokemon White2 (any)

so yes, yes it does
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