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    Originally Posted by karatekid552 View Post
    You would need to use the setdoor animation commands and the playsong commands in conjunction with the hide/showsprite commands. Doors are quite fun:p.

    I'm wondering if the problem you are having deals with the raws. Try giving them all their own lines. If you notice, the player's movements are only one raw and those work. So, give it a try. It couldn't hurt.

    Also, check to make sure it deffinaetely is the the person number, not the event number. Here is an img:

    I know it is in Spanish, (i don't speak Spanish, so if I can read it, so can you:p) but the number you should be looking at for Gary is "No. de Gente:", which is just under the "Delete Event" button.
    Alright, I tried giving each movement their own #raw, but still no luck unfortunately. I also double checked to make sure I had the right person event no., and I did so I'm not sure what the problem could be! I get the feeling maybe there was a change in the way XSE works with the applymovement command from 1.0-1.1 possibly?