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    After doing so many single challenges how about a ultimate I was wondering if I could Skip Fire Red and do the rest of them after that since I did a lot of Fire Red Message if not okay if so Put me down for a Raichu Solo run in HG/E/P/W2

    HG now I got a Raichu
    8 Badges in Johto fairly easy
    8 Badges in Kanto was way harder
    Now Slay Red with a Lvl 100 Raichu piece of cake did I mention I hate torterra

    And Emerald was easy and fast for a Raichu
    8 Badges Obtained Elite Four Is Dead and so Is Wallace the Champion
    Lvl 76 Raichu underleveled solo run AHHAHAH

    Ill finish my ultimate hopefully tomorrow with P and W2 with Raichu
    Team Plasma will crumble underneath Team Rockets feet.