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    Originally Posted by aar2697 View Post
    I am having much trouble with the callasm command. I believe it's because I installed JPAN's hacked engine. callasm works with a clean ROM, but it doesn't work on my hacked ROM (the game crashes), which I've been working on for a very long time and have ZERO motivation to move to a new ROM.
    I'd like to know if maybe the JPAN hacked engine requires something other than callasm for ASM scripts to play out. I know the engine uses specials for its asm scripts, but I don't understand why callasm isn't working for me.
    The most common problem is adding 1 to the offset of the ASM routine. I have spent hours trying to fix routines when all it was, was that simple problem. I'm fairly certain it works the same since a friend of mine used callasm with JPAN's hack and there aren't any changes made to that command listed in his documentation.

    Originally Posted by TempixTL View Post
    Alright, so I messed around with a few things and I'm just gonna restate some things that may not have been clear earlier...

    - I need 3 of these scripts
    - One of them works, the other two do not

    So in my said messing around, I tried pointing the script events that weren't working to the same pointer as the script event that does work and the same thing happened, it didn't work. However, if I move the script events to another place on the map, it suddenly works! But since the script is not where it should be, it obviously doesn't work right. So the question now is why don't the scripts work where they're supposed to?
    My thoughts could be that the tiles you are standing on are conflicting. I have never seen this before.... Could you provide and image or a video of them both working and non-working?

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