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Originally Posted by KingCharizard View Post
Really? So you know for a fact that is what they are trying to achieve? He has said this? Really? I must have missed that.
You're right, he COULD just be an incompetent idiot, in which case he'd get stomped by every country on all sides and quickly be made into an irrelevant crater. But that's unlikely, because as both of have agreed, they're NOT idiots. Any head of state is going to have some coaching on international politics and foreign policy. Moreover, they're going to be at least somewhat self-motivated. Kim Jong Un, and moreover, most of his staff, is perfectly aware of what would happen if they launched an attack. It would not end well for them. There's only one explanation for why he would be threatening it, and it's something that's already been established by dozens of expert political analysts and makes perfect sense. That explanation is that he is that he is showing he can stand up to the international community to solidify his very tenuous position as head of state.
I understand perfectly, I also understand its never actually gone this far.
False. North Korea has declared war on the US or South Korea a total of five times since the Korean War ceasefire.
I also know even if he sends weapons out no one will still be willing to talk. I also know all this started over broken deals and a nuclear test and/or N korea wanting to launch a satellite into orbit. I also know that they didn't need to put the sanctions on them like they did. Why cant N. Korea launch a satellite into orbit? We have thousands and so do most other countries... It just seems we do our best to maintain power around the world by not letting other countries advance..
I can name several reasons and I'm not even well-versed on the topic. First, because they've threatened to "turn South Korea into a hellscape of fire" or something to that effect (something which they are currently unable to do), and all of the programs the international community has protested against are things that could help them accomplish this goal in some way. Second, because they refuse any significant contact with the outside world; if they sent up a satellite under those conditions, it would probably run into another satellite and destroy it. Third, because developing a nuclear program without any regulation or outside input could very well lead to them blowing THEMSELVES up and making the entire area radioactive. And even if they didn't, see point one.

I'm sure you can use Google if you'd like more reasons. I'm sure nothing I've said hasn't been mentioned already by the mainstream media.
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