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    Chapter 1
    Willow stared into the thick foliage, aware that she was being watched. She saw an Eevee sniffing the floor. She relaxed and let her fur lie flat. It was only her sister, Splash. She stepped out from her cover and immediately noticed a large stone covered in moss. She inched forward and touched it. There was a bright glow of light and Willow could feel herself changing. She turned around to see Splash evolve into a Vaporeon. Willow guessed that Splash had been searching for a water stone. She took a deep breath. "You've evolved." Splash shifted on her paws. "So have you." She replied. Willow suddenly realized that the stone she had touched was a moss stone. Splash turned and started for Eevee Town. Willow quickly followed her and soon they were home. Willow snuggled into her nest of moss and fell asleep.
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