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    Originally Posted by aar2697 View Post
    This is occurring because you cannot move a sprite that's off the screen. It has to be within 6 or less tiles from the player I believe. So, the sprite disappears when you have the script thing all the way down there and it is no longer loaded. You'll need to have the script run when you're closer to the rival. Or, what you could do is..
    1. Put two rivals on that map
    2. Give each of them flags
    3. Put the sprite in the video in his position as it is now.
    4. Put the second rival sprite somewhere where he can't be seen. Or, alternatively, you can use a setmaptile script on the map and use the hidesprite command in it so that the second rival sprite disappears before you enter.
    5. On the script tile event, use setflag 0x[first rival event's flag number] to hide the first rival sprite. Then, use showspritepos 0x[event number of second rival sprite] and 0x[x coordinate] 0x[y coordinate] to show the second rival sprite at a designated position that is 6 tiles from your player. Then, have him walk down and do the script similarly as it initially had been.

    Sorry this is kind of badly written. If you need me to clarify anything, I can.
    No, that was very helpful! Thanks to you and karatekid552, my scripts are now functioning correctly.