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    Im going with Ghost. Most are suggesting Flying with Normal being second most common.

    1-Flying: I don't see anything on it that indicates flying. I think people are looking at the poster of it being across from Jolteon too much.

    2-Normal: It makes sense, and it looks like a normal pokemon, but I really don't like the idea of Normal Eevee evolving into a Normal pokemon. The cool thing about Eevee is evolving it into a pokemon that can suit your team.

    It is definitely not Ground/Rock/Steel/Bug/Dragon.

    I think Ghost. It has the pink/purple colors, popular among ghost type pokemon. To me the eyes are what makes it ghost. Seems to have a certain aura about it. Of the remaining types it looks like Ghost.

    EDIT- Sylvester Stallone- Sylveon
    Sylvester Stallone was Rocky. Rocky was a boxer. Boxer=Fighter. It's a Fighting type! End thread.
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