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Originally Posted by IIMarckus View Post
Actually, you can’t! Stuff is frequently defined in header files but anything you define can be clobbered by another header.

#include <a.h>
#include <b.h>
is not necessarily the same thing as
#include <b.h>
#include <a.h>
The preprocessor (specifically the combination of #include and #define) is one of C’s biggest weaknesses, along with string handling and general vulnerability to buffer overflows. There is a neat proposal to implement modules for C/C++ in LLVM; I hope it gains traction.I guess you’ve never been around companies that have fresh CS grads still believing in the wonders of Java. I have, and it’s really disheartening. Better languages have been gaining ground in academia (along with some worse ones), but Java isn’t going anywhere anytime soon…
Fair enough.

As for Java, it's still dying outside academia. And it's starting to die there, too. Good riddance.

Originally Posted by KingCharizard View Post
It does not suck. Those people here who are against it couldnt or wouldnt try to understand the language. Its got its bad things as well as good, every language does but it wouldnt be used for countless games/game engines if it was such a bad language. Just look at EPIC Games and the Unreal Engine(C++ at its finest)... C++ is a great language for those who can understand it and use it properly
It sucks. The funny thing about you citing the Unreal engine as an example is that it's a prime example of one of the reasons C++ is awful: to write good code in C++, you have to break pretty much every convention established as "good practice" in the C++ community. The folks at Unreal wrote a good engine despite it being in C++, not because of it. Any language can be used to create something beautiful, no matter how awful. That doesn't make the language itself good. C++ actively works against you, as opposed to a language like Python, which works to help you.

If you're ever forced to program in C++ for some reason (I am so sorry), check out Qt. Apparently, they've adopted a way of doing things that actually makes sense. I believe QtCore doesn't have any GUI-stuff in it, so you can just use that library if you're doing CLI stuff.

Originally Posted by ZachLMedia View Post
I tried compiling some open-source binaries with C++ and I must say, it's very complicated, even for a first-timer. (inb4 compiling isnt for n00bz)

Overall, programming is the weakest computer skill for me to work with. I have tried again and again to get a general fit for programming (through languages such as VB.NET, C#, and C++ as mentioned above), but I just can't seem to get the hang of it. Perhaps I need to take some classes on programming before I try again. :\
Well, the fact that you're doing C++ is your first problem. That said, compiling is easy. Write a C source file, then gcc source.c. Done. You can do more stuff, but to start with, that should be fine.

As for learning to program, maybe you should check out SICP?

Originally Posted by Team Fail View Post
Visual Studio is pretty nice to use, I must admit. Especially when there's Intellisense. It really helps with the capitalization, it's so nit picky on it.
Originally Posted by Ash493 View Post
Yeah, VS is like messiah for programmers :D
Heavy IDEs are more trouble than they're worth. Give me Notepad++ or Gedit over that bloated crap anytime.

Dude... Windows' are coded in C++ and we all know how stable and quick they are...
To be fair, you can't blame C++ for Microsoft developers' incompetence. I'm sure it didn't help, though.
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