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Originally Posted by Kirozane View Post
As I recall, they marketed the kyurem forms as new pokemon. But no. They're not new pokemon. Just forms. So yeah. It could be a new pokemon, but considering it'll also be in the new movie, my money, quite honestly, is that "mewtwo's awakening" will cause it to transform into that.
I think they called them new Pokemon because they're a fusion of two Pokemon. Rather than a single Pokemon changing itself, Kyurem absorbs another to become something else.

I'm really hoping it's a new Pokemon, forms are pretty boring. I'd only be okay with it being a form if it had something to do with the Berserk Gene. But, then again, event (I'm assuming it would be an event..) Pokemon that never leave my box are pretty boring anyway, so....

But for now I'm calling it Mew-Z because it looks like a modified Mewtwo, making it similar to the Porygon family, (Name, Name 2, Name-Z) each being a modified version of the previous one and would also give us the Z to our X and Y. ;P
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