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Black 2 (4/7/13)

I have been doing some breeding on the side so today I took five eggs from my PC and went to Skyarrow Bridge. I rode around on my bike until they all hatched into a Golett, Larvesta, Budew, Wingull, and Tympole.

After this, I took my Tangela and leveled it up until it learned Ancient Power and evolved into a Tangrowth.

Next, I wanted to evolve my Shellder but I didn't have any Water Stones so I headed over to the Gear Station. I played through a couple of rounds with my Galvantula, Krookodile, and Azumarill until I had enough BP. I bought four Water Stones, one for my Shellder and three for other pokemon who will need it (Eevee, Panpour, Lombre).

I leveled up my Shellder at the Game Freak building and in doing so, leveled up my party pokemon.

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