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Originally Posted by brica8 View Post
As I said in another thread, we could be looking at that image all wrong. We know that there are 5 Genesect in the movie, with the shiny one being the leader. It could instead be a team vs team idea, and Mewtwo is the leader of his team, along with this New-Mew and some other pokemon.
I would think that, if a new Pokémon is introduced in a movie, it would be the star of the movie. It happened with Lucario and Zoroark. This time, however, the star is Mewtwo, so why introduce a brand new Pokémon as an underling of Mewtwo? It would be an underwhelming and, IMO, pointless reveal. The new mon would have to be as strong or stronger than Mewtwo to impress viewers, not an underling.

Which is why I insist on my forme theory. All the recognizable body features of Mewtwo are there, except the red eyes (Mewtwo's are purple). It uses the same palette as Mewtwo. Even Mew doesn't look as close to Mewtwo as this new thing.

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