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    I really really love this game! I'm playing on Normal-Casual which was a good idea because losing someone permanently would be too much pressure the first time around (not good with that stuff, haha...). I'm pretty sure I've done everything all wrong though, the leveling, the children, just everything feels harder than it should be because I upclassed a lot of people probably before I should have, and didn't train the people that probably would have been fun to use. Oh well, next time'll be better definitely~!

    I've been using..
    Avatar/Chrom (usually the ones that end up powering through everything), Nowi/Stahl & Lon'qu/Lissa mostly.

    edit: ok I actually started again and this time on Hard-Casual but how am I supposed to level grind? I got Reeking Boxes but that just summoned a ton of Wyvern Riders and the heavily armored ones and I'm only on Chapter 4, there's not a lot of options Chrom and the Avatar keep dying and I have to restart what do I doo ;;