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    Originally Posted by Apple Juice View Post
    Thank you for the input, Matsjo. Unfortunately I don't have an update because I've been trying to figure out what I want to do with the tiles. I've always loved the FR/LG tiles and they are astounding, and to add on to that they have inside tiles to match. The Kyledove DP/Pt tiles are beautiful as well, and at the same time have side-ways and backward stairs for mountains which are important! The downside is there are no inside tiles, or gym tiles that immediately match with them. So, to break it down:

    FR/LG tiles:
    -Good looking tiles
    -Inside set to match
    -No side-ways/backwards stairs for mountains

    Kyledove Tiles:
    -Good looking tiles
    -Custom tiles
    -Side-ways/backwards stairs for mountains
    -No inside tiles to match
    -Lots of people use this set because it's free to the public

    I need some input, guys! Basically I would immediately go for FR/LG tiles but the problem is the stairs. If someone can sprite them/find them in FR/LG style and even resize it to fit on to the default Pokemon Essentials FR/LG tileset, that would be super helpful!

    Glad to see this project back, man. Anyways I'd definitely keep Kyledove tiles. They're really nice when used well and honestly people don't use them as much anymore [I also have a few kyle style tiles assembled that aren't used as much and can add some variety, I can send them to you if you want]. So I'd definitely stick with his.

    Also the indoor ones are right here ?_?
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