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    Originally Posted by rliberto2 View Post
    But if you can actually get it in the game though - what is the big deal? So if they do ban pokegen/pokesav and everyone actually takes the time to breed and they still have pokemon that are shiny, have perfect natures, perfect IV that provide hidden power to cover their weaknesses then what? Would you be content because they actually took a little more time to get them, to get the same result they otherwise would have? (Im not saying im taking either side either)
    I think it would have a positive effect on the competitive environment as well as add more diversity. Right now there is like 100 pokemon if that, that are used competitively. What about the other 549 pokemon? They are never used because they are inferior to the min/maxed legendaries & many 5th gen pokemon. By preventing the use of pokegen/pokesav it is going to decrease that gap, making ALOT more pokemon viable. Most people will not take the time to properly breed/train pokemon.

    Originally Posted by pikachu4249 View Post
    I think it's a good idea because what if
    You have your favorite Pokemon from Sinnoh transferred to black and now you want it in X&Y. They should allow pokegen/pokesav, but ban the transfer of hacked Pokemon like in the random match ups. They should let you hack your old hacked Pokemon into X&Y. This would be very helpful. This could be something we could fork over with the creators.
    That seems reasonable. That way collectors can continue to collect their pokemon, but any pokemon altered in any way can not be used for competitive use.
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