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I'm recruiting!

Team name: Skylar Team
Team Leader: Silversnk
Current Members: Just Myself (I work as a Pixel Artist, Mapper and Lead Designer)
Current Game title: Pokémon Mystical Grief
Current progress made: The game it's on it's early development stages. Just a couple maps done. Still need to change main interface and add OW's and tiles as well to finish the Prologue (first demo) part.
Position(s) needed: A Lead Scripter and a Secondary Spriter.
Timezone: GMT -4:30
Preferred Method of contact: PM, Skype, Deviantart.

Click here to go to the thread.

Additional info: I'm from Venezuela. English it's not my main language but I think I'm fluent enough to make my ideas understandable. This game it's divided by Chapters and it's supposed to be very emotional with a considerable amount of character developing. Plot twists are abundant. If you liked 999/VLR you're going to like my ideas easily because they have too much in common.

Please forgive my horrible english as it's not my primary language.
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