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    Drayano!I downloaded from somewhere,yoru game,but pre-patched(cause I was unable to do it by myself,i don't know why.),and,in the Sangi Ranch,near the place you found the poke-dog,and the plasma member,I encountered(and catched)a shiny Tyrogue.I played,fire red,leaf green,gold,heartgold,diamond,platinum,ruby,emerald,black,volt white(1) and blaze black 2(now),and in Blaze black 2,I founded my very very first SHINY POKEMON!!!I played a lot of poke-games,and never,till now,encountered a shiny.
    PS:For those who wants a shiny Tyrogue,just go to Sangi Ranch,near the place where you find the poke-dog,and the plasma member,and try your luck.I encountered a:I will tell in order:lilipup,lilipup,mareep,tyrogue,and then a shiny tyrogue.
    Drayano,this is the first hack I encounter a shiny,and not only hack.I didn't founded one in the oficials games either.
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