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Chapter Two

What begins as a simple mission soon turns sour as you each come into contact with a powerful Harbinger (one you will come across again later in the RP). You may have a history with these Harbingers, or you may have just met, that’s up to you but you will come into conflict with them. Your Harbinger opponent will need to be elaborated on by you and will be at a power level higher than your character. Your original missions (that will cause you to come into contact with these Harbingers) are as follows, you may choose whether or not the appearance of the Harbingers causes you to succeed or fail.

1. Luka and Nox : A resident of Bayamo, Cuba has discovered the existence of both the Reapers and Harbingers and has successfully contacted representatives of the Harbingers looking to become a part of the organisation. You need to take him out before they get to him as well as be prepared for Harbinger involvement.

2. Spencer and Adrian: A type of powerful, horned fire-demon has materialized in the Great Sandy Desert, Australia. You simply need to kill it before it comes across any civilisation.

3. Destiny and Kalek: A bizarre yet powerful magical force has been detected in New York City, USA and Harbinger involvement is both highly likely and assumed to be the case. Investigate this strange power and neutralise it.

4. Tasahiro and Masato: A catholic priest currently residing in Vatican City is about to give a speech that will quite possibly end all war on Earth, unfortunately it will also end all progress and as such this man needs to be killed in order to maintain balance in the world. If the Harbingers know of this they will not stand for it.


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