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Favourite Yu-Gi-Oh! Deck: Frogs (also Elemental Dragons <3)
Favourite card: Quillbolt Hedgehog & Swap Frog

The last time I played was probably a week ago now due to internet connection issues, but I end up playing most nights on Duelling Network with my boyfriend. Playing with physical cards is a different story though, that's way too expensive for me to get a good deck set up haha. Incidentally if anyone wants to duel on DN feel free to hit me up some time!

My favourite deck by far is Frogs; they're so much fun to use with such wonderful art and they kick butt very reliably. They're the first deck I ever made but I've been improving them ever since to turn them into something pretty darn good if I do say so myself! Here's a list of the decks I'm using at the moment:

Ancient Gears
Arcana Force
Crystal Beasts
Elemental Dragons
Hazy Flame