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    Update 1 Sorry it took so long zubat and voltorb a take a while to grind

    -Took a squirtle off Prof. Oak
    -Defeated Gary easily
    -Made my way to Brock's gym and destroyed with squirtle's bubble
    -Caught a Zubat lv 8 named it Batula
    -Grinded the zubat to lvl 22 so it evolved
    -Fought all the trainers in Mount moon and took the Helix fossil
    -Fought my way past all the trainers around cerulean and levelled Batula to lvl 29 beat gary again easy
    -Challenged Misty beat her staru with 1 wing attack and her starmie with one bite and a wing attack -Caught a rattata and called it HM slave
    -Got on SS. Anne and got cut then taught it to HMslave
    -Gary was slightly harder because batula was paralysed but still OHKOed everything
    -Went back to cerulean towards route 10 and caught a voltorb name it Bowler
    -Grinded Bowler to lvl 29 then entered rock tunnel
    -Bowler levelled up and evolved on the last trainer in rock tunnel
    - Passed Lavender town through another underground tunnel to Celadon city
    -Stole an eevee, called it Flare Gun and bought a fire stone to evolve it
    -Beat the Celadon gym with Flare Gun alone
    -Beat the fighting dojo in saffron city and took the Hitmonchan

    Current team

    Batula(Golbat) lvl35
    -Air cutter
    -Confuse Ray

    Flare Gun(Flareon) lvl35
    -Quick attack

    Bowler(Electrode) lvl32

    HMSlave(rattata) lvl8
    -Tail whip
    -Quick attack