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Black 2 Unova Adventure Part IV 1/2

Last Time: "Black 2 Unova Adventure Part III" (Post #25 on this thread on Pg.1)

Tim confused on where to go next thought no better place to start than the Castelia Gym. However the Gym Attendee stood like a soldier at the front entrance. Tim was told that the Gym Leader was not present. When a mysterious woman, that Tim had already hated despite meeting her for the first time, named Iris approached them. She asked if Tim was looking for Team Plasma. He said yes, which caused her to lead me to the sewers of Castelia. But not before my annoying, idiot, friend Ben decided to tag along and make a team. Tim, frustrated that he couldn't venture alone (due to poor game design and being treated like a child and stupid one at that by GameFreak) had no choice but to accompany Ben. As they traversed the sewers Tim became lost in the maze but was able to catch Rattata and Zubat which were promptly send to the box.