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I've been here for 2-3 HOTY (Sienna(Kind-of), Life of Guardians, and Light Platinum) I also remember doing I think a few HOTM's too. There really needs to be a change in the voting system and I'm glad it's starting to change now. I like alot of these but I do have problems with two of them.
Preventing voters from voting for the same hack more than a certain number of times on a single ballot (over multiple categories)
I kind-of like this because competitions won't be clogged with newbies and band-waggoners that will vote for a single hack for everything just because of the popularity, so in a way, this is a good idea. But, like Hinkage said, some hacks do deserve more than one category to some voters. It's an okay idea, but it would be very hard to execute it so everyone will be happy.

Removing the public vote entirely and leaving it up to just a handful of veterans
I approve of this because I am a veteran now and I can have more say than other people.

In all honesty, like Spherical Ice said, noobs will say it's rigged just because the "Noob Hack" didn't win. Also, like Hinkage said, it would ruin the contest. I kind-of like this because the votes wouldn't be clogged with the posts from noobs and band-waggoners, but again, not everyone would be happy about everything and it might make matters worse.