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Ok, here's the first update for my Random Challenge on Sapphire. Here we go!:

-Saved Prof. Birch from Poochyena/Zigzagzoon (Can't remember which) with Mudkip.
-The Prof. gave me Mudkip, which I promptly named Hunter.
- Sped through the 1st 2 gyms with Marshtomp, and finally caught a Gulpin, which I named Gulatin, north of Slateport
- I beat the 1st Trick House, and beat all the trainers before your battle with your rival on that route.
- I checked to make sure that Gulatin was the only member of my team that I could get by that point, then saw that I had stupidly skipped over Skitty, to the east of Rustboro, since I thought that Skitty was only found north of Mauville.
- I went back and caught Skitty, and then saved.

Well, that's it for now, but there is something I want to ask. Since I could get Skitty before the first gym, does that mean I need to restart the challenge, fighting the 1st 2 gyms with Skitty? Or can I just keep going?
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