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    ∣ PROJECT: Eris
    Rustboro Ruins

    Chapter Two: Part EIght
    Team Player

    "What?? No!" She reached a hand out, watching as Rick just ran into the rocky madness. "You idiot! Let me handle this!" She exhaled slightly, and her posture began to lower toward the ground, slowly, slowly, slowly... She immediately charged toward the Nosepass, somewhat easily breezing past Rick. Her hand at her wrist once more, she was blasting the rocks and Geodudes as they came at her, the rocks shattering and the Geodudes knocked away. Immediately a giant boulder was hurled at her, and with a hurried yelp she reacted by holding her arms up in defense, crossing her arms as the blades on them collided with the rolling boulder, causing some sparks as both it and Eris were slowly pushed backward, the boulder seeming to push her away.

    "Eerrrgghhhh.... RAAHHHHHH!!" She swung her crossed arms, performing an X-Scissor attack, and after a moment's silence the boulder split into four decent-sized chunks, sliced in the shape of an X right down the middle. Eris regained her posture, panting a bit. "Oh, I forgot how difficult this was," she commented between shallow breaths. She quickly charged at the Nosepass once more, closing in on her target. She slashed at a few rocks and Geodudes, but missed one as the rock flew right by her head, bouncing off of her arm with a painful thump. "Oww!" She wailed, her right arm quickly covering her left shoulder with painful winces.

    "Ow..." She pouted, though her expression seemed to change. Something seemed to awaken in her, a sudden anger that was entirely out of character.

    "Come on, do the attack!!" She heard a voice behind her.

    "Yeah, hurry up!! Do it!!" Spoke another voice, to her side.

    "Attack or you'll never leave this room!!" Came one more, in front of her.

    "RRRRAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!" Eris blindly pointed her cannon-hand forward, and a red-white beam came shooting out, lighting up the dark scenery around her, pushing her body backward very slowly as the beam continued. For a good five seconds this continued, before Eris finally came to and her hand returned to normal. A clearly beaten Nosepass rested where the beam had hit. Eris began breathing heavily and unsteadily, leaning forward, both arms hanging weakly as she continued panting.

    Her eyes seemed a bit dilated, as if she were in a bit of shock. She continued to heave and pant, eventually collapsing onto the floor bottom-first, sitting on the ground where she originally stood, her head directed down toward the dirt. Upon closer inspection, tears can be seen fall into the soil.

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