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Originally Posted by Rai View Post
I guess yuri wasn't the right word because I don't like porn either. I mean, in general, that two girls being together (holding hands, kissing, etc.) just makes more sense to me.

But speaking of yuri... In the Tales Of Graces games, there is a a guy character named Yuri and I always crack up about it. To make it even funnier, it is a Japanese game and he looks like a girl x3
I definitely think that two women in love is a beautiful thing. Not to sound biased or anything, but in all honesty, I don't know why, but I feel really weird around a straight couple kissing. Like I always think about how the guy's lips would feel, and I always think they'd feel cold and gross because he is a guy. That is just how gay I am right there.

Haha Yuri is a girl name in Japan, too!
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