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    "Is it easier?" Yes. I tried making a ROM hack with Emerald. The ROM slowly degraded over time as I continued to hack it. It came to a point where the music was starting to get all messed up and such. It might be because I was repointing in wrong locations in Advance Trainer, but the problem is I had hardly used Advance Trainer at the time. So, you need to be very careful with what you're doing with Emerald. There's also a lot less support for it; people just seem to lean towards making tools/tutorials/etc. for Emerald.

    "All the music from Firered/ leafgreen" Good point. There are also many more voicegroups available to use in Emerald. But, you can still expand the song table and add voicegroups even though it takes some work.

    "More space" What do you mean? If you mean more ROM space, you can expand the FireRed ROM space to 16 mb or something like that.

    "Clock" The clock is honestly useless. You have a clock in the corner of your computer screen.

    "Day/night system" I believe I used DNS by prime_dialga in my Emerald hack and it worked fine. Use DNS definitely, though. I can't figure out how to use the seasons part of it, though. It requires you to make tilesets for each season, which is difficult.

    "Why are the maps so small" Go into the header in Advance Map and you can change the map sizes..

    Overall, Emerald DOES have more features like you said, but it's a more comfortable, safe experience with FireRed. I highly recommend starting with FireRed since you're new to this. Also, your first ROM hack will likely be pretty mediocre. I highly recommend that you use Pokemon Painite version or a different ROM hack even as a learning experience. I actually am doing a complete redo of my first ROM hack that takes place in the future of the same region. The maps are remodeled (and some cities built, some destroyed), there's a new story, etc.

    When you do your first ROM hack, practice all sorts of skills to ensure you'll be able to create something great with your second or third hack. You could even do it on an Emerald ROM if you're up for it. Really, though, Emerald is not for beginners.
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