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    As the title says, im looking for a team to create a pokemon game with RMXP that spans further than anyone has ever done before, where instead of spanning 2 regions, it could span 6, or maybe more,
    including johto, kanto, hoenn, sinnoh, and the newer regions.

    Now some of you may think nah that's crazy talk, but who's to say it is?

    It could be done, release bit by bit, till we have a full game together,

    It's going to be interesting to see who joins the project,
    im looking for about 6-8 people for the team, 2 for graphics,2 for mapping, 2 for events, and 1 other to assist me with overall planning, special events, legendaries, etc..

    Email me at -retracted-

    Yeah i know the emails a bit stupid, but i was young at the time aha, please get in touch i would like to hear what you all have to say on the project.