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    Originally Posted by Aerilyn View Post
    Finally watched the latest episode since I got back home yesterday, and wow, talk about an all out attack. Both Cameron and Ash kept yelling out attack after attack so quickly. They surely wasted no time in deciding what to do next. Which is kind of odd for Ash, because as far as I can recall, I've never really seen him battle that way before. Not saying he's always thought out his next move, but he's never really been so quick to respond like he was in "Cameron's Secret Weapon."

    Speaking about the Dub title, it's kind of ironic isn't it? Cameron's secret weapon was supposed to be Hydreigon, but turned out to really be Lucario in the end. Even he was surprised! I thought that was kind of funny and quite creative of the writers.

    I don't really have much to say about this episode though. It was fun and it definitely moved along quickly. At times I actually kept thinking, "I wish they'd slow down a bit." I wasn't really keen on both Cameron and Ash knocking out multiple Pokémon in a row. It didn't really give some of their respective Pokémon enough to time shine in battle when you think about it. And does Ash always have to use his "weaker" Pokémon so late in the competition. This isn't the first time the writers have decided to give Ash his lesser used Pokémon for final battles. All I'm saying is, Krookodile should have been one of his Pokémon used here rather than in the battle before.
    I must budge in to say that maybe the pressure of loss might be coming upon him. You know he always lose an important match whenever he comes closer to the victory
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