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    Originally Posted by Aeon View Post
    I feel like the 'horribleness' of Windows 8 is horrifically exaggerated. There are ways to get around Metro, y'know.
    Not sure what Metro is, but given the context, I'm assuming the default touch-screen interface. For people who aren't tech-savvy, "getting around Metro" might be a horrific experience for them. Is a non-touch interface even integrated into W8 or do you have to modify core files manually / using different downloads + installations? If it's already there, it's not a big deal I suppose, but if it's not, that can be a lot of hassle just to get rid of W8's touch interface and integrate basic windows, task bars, etc. Plus, is the OS even able to efficiently run such a drastic alteration of the basic interface and functions of the OS to begin with? If it just diverts to a mini-7 experience, OK, but then why not just install W7 instead of running around in circles. W8 is obviously not designed for actual computer-based stuff; it's more of a mini flash game platform disguised as an OS. S'how I see it anyway. Inform me otherwise. As I said earlier, I've never used W8, but from the videos it doesn't look like my cup of tea.

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