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Joining the Snap 2 Wii U train. Hopefully they'll use the functions of the GamePad effectively and not dumb it down and ruin it like they did with Mystery Dungeon: Gates To Infinity. They could also make a 3DS version as well.

Also, how about a Wii U Ranger title? The extra screen estate on the Wii U GamePad would make capturing Pokemon even easier. They would have to adds lots of variety to the gameplay as the Ranger titles, while very fun and playable barring the first one, to avoid the repetition that previous titles suffered from.

Seeing as we did have a crossover spin-off title with Nobunaga's Ambition, perhaps another crossover could be possible. Maybe a Persona or a Monster Hunter crossover could be possible, with the Personae being replaced with legendary Pokemon and the Monsters being replaced by, big shock, Pokemon.

And finally, trash that Pokemon Rumble U Skylanders imitation button masher ...thing, and instead make a Pokemon TCG game using the NFC technology in the GamePad. While there is already a PC Pokemon TGC title, the Wii U could be used to create a unique story mode.

EDIT: Forgot about a new Pokemon pinball game for the 3DS eShop and Wii U eShop. I've always wanted a pinball game to be expanded into the Pokemon universe, so It's a shame there hasn't been a new instalment since the GBA version 10 years ago.

  • Snap 2 for Wii U and 3DS
  • Ranger title for Wii U
  • Pokemon X Shin Megami Tensei: Persona for Wii U and 3DS
  • Pokemon X Monster Hunter for Wii U and 3DS
  • Pokemon TCG for Wii U with NFC technology
  • Pokemon Pinball 3 for Wii U eShop and 3DS eShop
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