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Originally Posted by QuilavaKing View Post
I've always thought of gay couples as having much more pure/innocent relationships, because I have they have to overcome all these extra challenges to be together, and so their love must be much stronger than a straight person who can just go bang whoever they want without having to worry about it. I'm sure that's not really true in the real world, but I can dream can't I?
... unless you live in San Francisco. No, I mean it. My friend who lived there for a while has told me a whole lot about some of the things that go on there when you know where to go and who to talk to. Like bars that have a weekly underwear night.

But I know what you mean. When you're talking about a loving, committed relationship then it's harder.

Originally Posted by PhantomX0990 View Post
You have to live your own life. You can't live your life for them. It's sad that your mom wanted a lot of kids and couldn't have a lot, but that can't be changed. It's sad that you were raised by parents who you couldn't come out to, but that can be changed. You can't just become straight. It's your life, and a rather personal part of your life so no one should be making you feel bad for who you love. Not your family, and not you yourself by worrying that they'll take it badly. I don't know how much your family means to you, but I think it's better to risk their anger and hatred by being who you are and standing up for who you love than to hide it.