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    ∣ Kiba Kurokokoro
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    Chapter Two: Part Three

    "Hey, there she is..." Kiba spoke somewhat softly, as if part of him hadn't anticipated finding her so easily- if you don't count the Rock Pokemon chase scene. Inhaling deeply, he stood in place and shouted to her, "Hey, Julia! I'm back!" He began to run toward her, putting the glasses back over his eyes. She looked just as he'd imagined. Yet, she looked a bit shorter... He then remembered that he didn't look quite like he used to, as sort of... Stopped running. He now had a burning anxiety that seemed to tell him that she'd react just as Jack did; by telling him he wasn't Kiba. Now he was nervous, heart pounding in his chest as he awaited some sort of response from her, unsure of if it will be a positive one or not. On a less-stressful note, Mello was at her shoulder, and was not missing as he'd anticipated.

    Ki, Z and Amber all stopped relatively close to Kiba, with Ki at his left, Z at his right, and Amber peeking out between his feet.

    What is Julia going to say...? Find out on the next exciting episode of WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE HERE!!

    Mello turned her attention to a shouting voice, one that sounded familiar yet distinctly different. She saw Kiba, but he seemed so... Different. She immediately leapt down from Julia's shoulder and rushed over to to both him and the others. "K-Ki, you look..."

    "Different? I suppose that would make sense. It's great news to see you alive and well..."

    "Where's Flare, and Spirit? Didn't they go with you? And who are they?" She glanced over nervously toward the Flareon and Gardevoir, uncertain of them entirely.

    "It's... A very long story. I'm sure we'll have to explain it more since Julia's likely going to be confused as well. So you'll have to wait until then."

    "So, if you're here, then that really is..." She trailed off, looking up at a mildly aged Kiba.

    "Yes, it is. We have a lot of explaining to do."

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