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    I do plan to check out more here, a little at a time. Lots to digest for newcomers, but thankfully I'm experienced with forum use. So, that's not an issue :D

    Right now I'm concentrating on Emerald. Until recently when I finally got a copy of Black and Black 2 (husband and son had their Gen V versions almost since they first came out), I only messed around a little on Emerald and my Pearl version. I didn't really like the female avatar in Soul Silver/Heart Gold so I told my husband not to bother picking one up for me when it came out. Then my son started telling me about the dreamworld after I had B&B2 for a few months (bought my copies just before the Meloetta release 'cause I WANTED her hehe).

    Anyway, got me far more interested in finally playing through (want to finish them in order). I even got a shiny beautifly last month! Less play time than both my guys and I'm the only one with a legit shiny (my son had an AR for awhile) hehe.

    Anyway, I tinker around in the dreamworld with only the first badge in BB2, have start up organized in Pearl, working on the 6th badge in Emerald now. My tinkering in the years since I got Emerald was mostly in level grinding and item farming with my zigzagoon team hehe, so it's going by pretty quickly now that I've decided to finally explore the rest of the game.

    I do plan to circumvent being unable to grab my old pokemon until the end of the next game though. My son is end game in each generation, so I'll send them to his game and trade them to mine. My son is completely done with Soul Silver too so I'll just be borrowing his copy to play through before I hard tackle gen V.

    My biggest love of the games though...finding the perfect nickname for every pokemon. I go wiki hunting and what-not for some of them, learn interesting things, discover a name I love, make up stories while I play through the game...

    I tend to go overboard though so it makes me a slower player. I currently have about 10 pokemon still in the forest on both gen V games waiting for resets into awesome IVs. Just got my epic sneasel today (named her Mischief)! I was told a pokemon with 27 or better in 3 stats (especially since 31 is her primary) or 25 in all is considered epic. All I found on these forums so far is flawless. Wow to that, after all my resets I still have yet to see a flawless of any pokemon.

    Gonna stop rambling now though, gotta go update my blog.

    Which Red are your playing? The original gameboy game? I think that's the only Red unless you're counting Ruby?
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