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Nooooo, not my generic comments!

Holy Toledo, Patrick actually updated with something. Granted, I had school, and to be fair, the last update I made for Aqua Bunny was for Valentine's Day. If I'm not active there, you know something's up.

I'm gonna go the route of Anastasia and make each new post its own gallery rather than update the first, because new stuff'll probably be missed, and there's far too much in the first post anyway.

What's New?

Non Aqua Bunny Stuff

lol nope

Aqua Bunny Related and Other Poke Characters
No man should ever be without his or her daily dose of Nido. And those other creatures, I forget what they're called.


Musical Combusken

Are you surprised? :D I don't think I've ever drawn a Combusken before. Torchic plenty of times, yes, but I usually stop there. And yet Anastasia's character looks like so much fun. I really like her ask MC blog, it makes me want to do one of my own. You've got a really cool character there, Ana. You inspire me to draw more of my own (as if I don't already, given the obvious skew my gallery has). Maybe yours too, I dunno. Nevertheless, you've made a Combusken believer out of me. :)

Blonde Style

Always one to try out new things, I decided try a different coloring style, even concerning the punchline version of the characters below. Speaking of people trying new styles, Nidorina, our resident twenty-something with too much time on her hands dyed her hair blonde, and decided that being ordinary was for chumps. I have no idea what she's on about, but I love that shirt. Actually, she was gonna have a Dark Matter print over a Kracko print, but I felt that people would assume Dark Matter was a flower, especially if you're unfamiliar with Kirby.

Pixie Dust

I'm not kissing up, but believe me when I say this picture was inspired by Anastasia. Not directly so much, but indirectly in that she made me want to start giving some attention to my other characters. Vulpix, or Pixie, is only nine years old, and her role models are Nidorina and Nidorino (for some reason), who she feels are like an older sister and brother to her.

Imma copypaste the AB description, gimmie a sec...
Pop Star is known to be a planet for its dream like environments and surreal landscapes, colorful flora and fauna and an abundance of star shaped everything, including unexplainable phenomena. Vulpix is out in a field, presumably on her way to school, and she's greeted with a light show shower of stars drifting down like snowflakes. The "stars" aren't tangible in and of themselves, as they pass right through a person's body, but one can still see this bright, shimmering, almost hazy and dreamy display of beauty!



This isn't what I wanted done months before, but it's something.

So, this is actually my first full animation using Photoshop and Photoshop only. And After Effects. But Mostly Photoshop. I only used AE to put it together and add ambient sound. Long and short of it is that it wasn't fun. It took up way too much time, ate up too much RAM and disk space, and the timeline/keyframing devices were all super unintuitive. I'll never do this again, but hey, I did it once.

This actually started as a Toon Boom animation, but the vectors in that program got on my nerves really fast. I can see where that program's useful, but...

Oh! One thing. I originally considered using a muted, ambient version of this song (or its Premium Arrange version) as BGM:

But Rain isn't long enough to justify usage, and I wanted to just make it SFX only, in that you can always play your own music over it anyway. I've come to associate that song to Charlotte, there's a story for that, which I'll omit for brevity.



Ask Nidorina/Ask Charlotte Tumblr


The short story is that I've been thinking about this since I started Mixed Nuts (the photo story you see examples of above), but someone suggested I should try it on Tumblr a while back. I've come back to the idea, and am now asking people about it. Granted, I don't expect a whole lot of answers from anyone anywhere. For all you lurkers, though, I'd love some kind of nod of approval or something, though.

So anyway, bottom line, to make one or not to make one? That is the question. Ana makes it look tempting as all get out, and this is really up my alley. Nidorina and Charlotte are the most popular characters on Aqua Bunny, which makes them obvious choices, and they have like a 12 year history of existence, which means they're pretty darned established by now.

Still, it could be time consuming, and I'd rather Nidorina was played by an actual girl (you know me, Mr. Authentic. :< ), but I guess that all depends. So should I do it?

Pokecommunity Poke Character Club


Possibly one of the nerdiest things I could do, I asked in the PC general club topic if a character club would be reasonable, and it seems like it was met with some interest. Personally, whether I do it or not, I'd like to see it happen. One of the reasons I joined PC was because I wanted to see what other interesting characters people came up with. It's still the #1 reason, at that.

I feel like the Pokemon clubs we have on PC as is don't have much weight. The "Other Clubs", yes, and the clubs about the human characters in Pokemon, oh yeah, they at least have personality from the anime to back it. But the Pokemon themselves... it's just like the series, really. There's only so much you can say about a generic Pokemon before you start to wander off into more interesting pastures (or start uploading art from DA, which is how it always ends up anyway, any site, anywhere).

The reason we love having characters is because it gives us something we can actually grasp. It goes beyond "aww that's cute" or "hey that's cool", and the creatures become a personality that we actually care about or want to learn more about. Same reason more people are interested in the newest blockbuster over a nature documentary, except the documentary has the advantage of having tangible stuff to talk about.

Annnyway, I'm wondering if I should be the one to start that. But with that plus a possible new Tumblr plus school plus AB, do I really have time for all these things? How many people would join it? Would anyone even notice it's there? It's not high on my priority list, nor do I want the responsibility, but I feel like it could be a lot of fun if done right.

Something to chew on...

Yeah, I guess that's it. Next time, hopefully I'll have wonderful and amazing things. Which I'll bet a buffalo nickel'll primarily be Poke personalities, but whaterya gonna do?

Also, I should be starting up my classes with Alex Woo pretty soon, and guess what? I'm gonna meet Bill Plympton on Thursday. Totally rads, ya'll. :D

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