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    I think it is a country trapped in a bygone era, with a model establishment taken from mid-1900s USSR. Pyongyang even looks like Moscow from the 1970s.

    The DPRK never signed a peace treaty with the South so they are technically still at war.

    China is North Korea's closest ally. Both are communist and share borders. China is more concerned with its global standing than North Korea, though. It sees DPRK as a sort of diversion for the USA from other issues around that area ie China defending Taiwan. If Korea were to be reunited, then the USA would be able to have troops directly next door to China long-term. Furthermore they share similar ideals. They're both communist states. That's why, in my opinion, China supports DPRK.

    I don't think DPRK will go to war. It'll make threats and slowly this news will die down. I think the new leader is trying to gain affirmation from NK citizens who doubt him. So the best way to do this is to threaten major countries of the world.
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