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Hnngg~... Charmander can't have any hair. Charmander is a lizard! XP

Actually, I'm just playing around, it's not a big deal (I do notice it, though XD;). Man, I've wanted to comment ever since you unleashed all this new stuff in March, but I couldn't because I (1) had school beat me like a bald headed stepchild with project management training and (2) really wanted to finish a nice little gift. :3

You don't know how inspirational it is to me to see your work. Not necessarily artistically inspirational, but just on the level of really getting involved with the worlds a person creates. It's just really amazing. It's what I really enjoy seeing here! You have so much to see in each post that it just runs circles around my sad, lazy attempts at arting. You've quickly become one of my favorite people here, even if you're never around. I really hope you keep it up, it puts a smile on my face all the time.

I really wish I had something more to say about the craft of your work. I dunno how I ever did it months ago. Well, let's just say I still love the way you color things. You tend to use more warm colors, which is rather fun. I also like how you tend to use more mood colors than just straight up coloring Pokemon verbatim. Can I say that I like how the style is charming overall, too? I also love your shiny, glowy doodles.

I should also mention that your Tumblr makes me want to start one, too. Granted, it wasn't he only one, but it's pushing me the hardest, because you look like you have a lot of fun doing it, and I want more fun too. :( If I ever go through with it, I'm totally following your Tumblrs (I really can't do that with the one I already have, though. It's more like site property. Just FYI).

Yup. That's it.

PS: more pokemon comix, plx

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