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Originally Posted by FenrirDarkWolf View Post
I have told exactly one person in my family that I was bisexual.
She explained to me something I already know that, everyone's just a little bit bi, in that, you see a nice looking girl and be like, "Damn! She fine!" and then you see a nice looking guy, "Mmmhmm!" And then be we got into one of our weird talks.
You all understand?
Anyway, I didn't tell her anymore of the juicy bits like my boyfriend.
It's kinda like when I tell a new friend I'm lesbian. They usually say something like 'wait so girls are attractive to you?' "yep" 'soo you like girls.' "yep" 'how bout that one' "not necessarily all girls" 'or that one' "um" and they just point out girls because they assume I think every dang girl is cute. At least that's the kind of weird talk I get.
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