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    "Woah," Klaus stared in astonishment, as a multitude of trainers bought goods from the strange blue Hitmontop. Klaus approached it cautiously, as he looked at all the goods it was selling. Gently elbowing someone next to him, he inquired about the bizarre Pokemon, stating that he had heard rumors of talking Pokemon in Lethia, but he did not believe them, and he had never heard of a Hitmontop being blue before. The woman he had asked responded, explaining that the blue Hitmontop was an ascended Pokemon, that worked for the League itself. She told him that the majority of these Pokemon are here to prevent murder and arrest those that have committed it.
    Hmm, Klaus thought to himself, the inner Professor-to-be in him was interested by this knowledge, this may be something worth investigating down the road. It would be fascinating to research such Pokemon, but I'm sure I'll get to on the way; for now I need to focus.
    Unsure exactly how to appreciate the Pokemon, since he had never spoken to a talking Pokemon before (though he had communicated with Psychic Pokemon at times, this situation was very different), he clumsily bought a bag.
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