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    Originally Posted by Lopnis View Post
    >Question the disgusting and overweight man who may be the janitor about Harry Skipper
    "Good evening sir. I'm Detective Jenny. This is Private Snipper and Private Derrick. We're investigating the disappearance of a man named Harry Skipper. He worked in here and we think that you may know something about him."
    He chuckled. "You mean the guy with the Marowak? I'm afraid I don't know much about him. He just started last week and we usually have different shifts."
    You sigh, and wish this stupid quest would get easier.
    Originally Posted by Lopnis View Post
    >See if he has a pen you could borrow
    "Excuse me, do you have a pen I could borrow? Mine's run out."
    "Of course!" He said, taking out a pen and tossing it to you. Snatching it, you begin taking notes.
    Originally Posted by koopafan29 View Post
    >Ask the man if anything weird has been happening lately
    "Have you seen anything... out of the ordinary? Something weird or unexplained?"
    He thinks for a second. "Yeah actually, we got a shipment of Team Plasma paraphernalia just yesterday. The boss said he'd call the police. I assumed that this whole thing was why you were here. Here's the key to the shipment offices, one of the men there should be able to give you some more info on it."
    Your ears perk at the mention of the long-defunct Team. Why on Earth would a newspaper office get something like that?
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