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    Originally Posted by Arlo View Post
    And in case I didn't make it clear enough along the way, I just want to hammer on this point - the rule that says that a challenge on Black or White isn't complete until you RE-challenge the E4 is poorly considered and, IMO, should be eliminated. I finished this challenge in part because I didn't like leaving it unfinished, but mostly just so that I could write this post. I really think that that rule should be removed, as all it really accomplishes is that it makes the requirements for "completing" Black and White MUCH higher than they are for any other games in the entire franchise. I could see it if the first time through the E4 was easier than it is in the other games, but it's not. It's pretty much the same as any other E4 challenge, and if anything it's arguably a bit more difficult, because once you're done with the E4, you don't just have to only beat one high leveled trainer - you have to beat TWO. That should be sufficient, particularly since the game itself treats that as "The End." There's simply no justification for having to beat the E4 TWICE to "complete" the game.
    I'm sorry you feel this way but I don't feel it's something that I should change. For one it was there for long before I was running this thread. In not just the solo challenge, but nearly all challenges on Pokecommunity, when played in any region the challenge ends when you beat the champion. Since Ghetsis is not the champion of the Unova region then it doesn't count as a victory. The only exception that I've commonly seen is for the Johto regions where you must beat Red to complete the challenge, and in some cases you have to beat Steven in Emerald. It's not the point to beat the Elite Four twice, the point is to beat the champion of the region. Again I'm sorry you feel this way but it's not something I'm going to change.
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