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    Originally Posted by Jeanne1571 View Post
    An Aussie? OMG. I always wanted to meet an Australian person (or someone from Australia), whether it's virtual or in real life.

    Oh yeah....
    Hi! From Canada!
    .... Awkward.... Sorry, it's just that the culture there is so, so awesome.
    As you can see I'm a Meganium fan, I love Bayleef and Chikorita, too.
    The name's Jeanne by the way.
    Haha, hey! A pleasure to meet you, Jeanne.
    I'm glad you've fulfilled that part of your dream, then. Which part of Canada are you from? I was there last Christmas in Whistler and it was amaaaazing.

    Chikorita was probably my favourite starter from that gen, tbh, so you're doing good!
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