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Originally Posted by Skalla View Post
Hello there! I'm Skalla, but you can just refer to me as Ruth, cause thats my name IRL! I'm 14 years old, and from Canada. I've lurked this forum for quite a while, but finally decided to get myself an account. This forum seems friendly! I pretty much like Video Games, Cartoon and a few anime. (My favourite is Dan Vs.)

I've been an avid fan of Pokemon since 2007, and my favourite Pokemon games are Heart Gold/Soul Silver and Black/White. My favourite Pokemon are Bisharp, Koffing, Gardevoir, and Crobat. I love to play through the games on occasion, and I use Pokemon Showdown for competitive matches.

Can't wait to start posting
Hi skalla, nice to meet you, and welcome to the community, im from mexico, so sorry by my spelling, englihs isn't my natural language. bisharp looks cool, and i remember a long ago when i played pokemon emerald i found a shiny golbat (but i lost the game, so the golbat too). By the way whats Pokemon showdown, i never playing competitive battles, im no so good to survived XD.

Feel free to explore the forum.
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