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Originally Posted by IRKY View Post
hi there! i picked up an ex dragon frontiers seel card today and i was wondering what the value of it might be? it's a common reverse holo card. but it seems to have a mistake on it. I was wondering if that would have any effect on the value? also, why do some of the cards have the ex dragon frontiers logo on the image of the card?
i have attached an image of the seel for reference
I don't see any mistakes on that card. It's a dead-ringer for this one:

That set logo thing is how "reverse" holos were printed in the sets that were released between 2004 and 2007, if my memory serves, though I don't remember exactly which sets those include other than EX: FireRed LeafGreen and EX: Power Keepers roughly marking the boundaries of that style, which was removed for reverse holos in the Diamond & Pearl Base Set.

The card itself is worth $0.15 at most. People generally aren't looking for reverse foils or commons, and this thing is both of those.
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